Karlie Kloss
Credit: Tal Rubin/GC Images

Her sweet tooth and love of cookies aside, Karlie Kloss has a voracious passion for fitness. “I like to break a sweat no matter where I am,” the model told InStyle. Yes, the 23-year-old beauty loves to take on boxing, ballet, and killer (but often pricey) boutique classes like SLT, but there is one workout she abides by that doesn’t require gloves, slippers—or a dime.

“Now that the weather is getting nice again I am such a fan of just throwing your tennis shoes on and just going for a run wherever I am. In New York I live right by the West Side Highway, so I just coast right up,” she revealed. “I love being outside, and so the spring and summer are really such good opportunities to kind of go for a hike or go for a swim, kind of depending where I am, but that’s the really fun part. I travel so much, so what I love doing is that I bring my tennis shows with me to every city that I go to and just go for a run—whether I’m in Paris or Barcelona or even New York.”

That’s not all. In addition to pounding the pavement, Kloss also feeds off of cardio, Pilates, and classes of a similar nature. “I like to do a bit of everything.”

Time to tie our laces, stat.