Karlie Kloss
Credit: Venturelli/Getty Images

Karlie Kloss is quite the baker. The 23-year-old supermodel posted a video to her YouTube channel, Klossy, demonstrating how to make her mouthwatering apple crisp recipe and discussing her favorite things about fall. The result? Baking just got a lot cooler.

"I was upstate this weekend, and I picked a bunch of apples with my family. I'm an awesome apple picker—I'm very tall, so I've got that advantage going for me," she says at the beginning of the video while showing off her impressive wingspan. "I get the best ones from the top of the tree that nobody else can reach. Therefore, we have a thousand apples in my kitchen right now."

Kloss goes on to demo the recipe, pops the crisp in the oven, and sits down to snack on an apple and chat with subscribers about what she loves about the fall: foliage, family time, and, of course, football.

Although she's a St. Louis Rams fan, Kloss admits to supporting the New York Giants since relocating to N.Y.C.

"But more importantly, I have a fantasy football team, so I root for my players." she adds.

You can find her healthy, gluten-free recipe on her Tumblr. Watch the video below: