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Credit: Gareth Cattermole

Karlie Kloss is more than just a model. The leggy Instagram force with a sharp mind (who's headed to New York University btw) is a true celebrity in her own right and calls Taylor Swift a bestie to boot. InStyle caught up with Kloss as she hit up the Cannes Film Festival with her fellow L'Oreal Paris spokeswomen—and what good company to keep, considering Julianne Moore, Liya Kebede, and Doutzen Kroes were all part of the gorgeous crew. Apparently, the glamorous event is a favorite of hers and partly for the hobnobbing. "Last year I was able to meet Jane Fonda here and I was completely blown away," Kloss shared. "She’s so beautiful, but she’s also very funny and has a great personality. I’ve been exposed to so much exterior that it’s refreshing to see people for who they really are." Below, Kloss dishes more on everything from Instagram to everyday beauty to why Swift and her hit it off.

You’ve been very active on Instagram during this trip.

I love Instagram because it’s an easy way to share where you are and what you’re doing, while also getting a glimpse into other people’s worlds. A picture is worth a thousand words, which is much more than I can articulate through 140 characters!

Let’s talk about your beauty routine. On a typical day, what does your hair and makeup regimen consist of?

Well…because I have my hair and makeup done quite a bit when I’m working, I like to keep it very simple. I shower, wash and condition my hair, then let it air dry. I cleanse and moisturize my skin. For makeup, I just use a BB cream, a bit of cream blush, a swipe of liquid liner, a flick of mascara, and I’m good to go. This literally takes 6 minutes, if that.

But do tell, what's your most crucial beauty product?

Hands down, L'Oreal's Advanced Care Nutri Gloss shampoo and conditioner (available in July). It gives me instant glossy hair, so I don't have to use any styling products afterward.

You work with the best of the best. What’s one tip you’ve picked up backstage?

How to apply makeup with my hands. I know how to use the right amount of pressure, and if I use a tool, it’s always the Beauty Blender. Most of my go-to products have a creamy texture, and that sponge works great for blending the formulas in a natural-looking way.

Is there a beauty trend you hope never goes away?

This shoulder-length haircut that you and I both have! It’s fashionable and also functionable because it’s long enough to put into a ponytail.

What about a trend you never want to see again?

Bleached brows! It’s flattering on some people, but on me, I look like an alien! My eyes are such an expressive part of my face, so when my brows are bleached I feel mute.

That's a good one. What about your fitness routine, what do you do?

I workout first thing in the morning. I like to run for a good 20-30 minutes to get a little cardio in, then follow with some type of strength training, like Pilates. I was in Florida last weekend with my family and I swam and ran everyday. There’s something about beautiful weather that just makes working out not so bad.

Who’s been your biggest beauty influence?

My mom. She is so gorgeous, and she’s always been very minimal with her beauty routine. I have distinct memories from my childhood of the products she would use, how her hair smelled, the scent of her fragrance. Those are all things that have stuck with me.

It also helps to have sisters to learn from. I’m the middle child of all girls.

I claim the middle child syndrome all the way! You kind of all have to get out of the house and find your own groove. But sisters are built-in best friends. You butt heads for a minute and then realize how much you love each other.

Speaking of BFFs, how did you and Taylor Swift become such good friends?

It’s so funny—we had both been told over the years by makeup artists and photographers that we should meet. They’d all say, “You should meet Taylor, you’d be friends” or “You should meet Karlie, you’d love each other.” So we finally met for the first time at a Victoria’s Secret fashion show. We hit it off. We’re both just normal girls who come from strong, supportive families and have been pursuing our careers from an early age. She’s a hard-worker. I have the utmost respect for her.