These Time-Lapse Videos Show Just How Much the Kardashians' Faces Have Changed

Kardashians - Lead
Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage

Between the first season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and the show's current run, it's expected that the holy trinity of Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé should switch up their looks over the years, but we didn't realize the extent until a series of videos showed up on our Instagram feed. In his new aptly-titled series called #PlumpingUpTheKardashians, artist Saint Hoax created short, time-lapse videos that showcase just how much the stars have changed up their appearances, resulting in some pretty mesmerizing results. He kicked things off with Kylie, who has been vocal about her use of temporary lip injections in the past, before moving on to Kim and Khloé, and yesterday, he gave the entire family the transformation treatment. This poses the obvious question: Is there a little more to that Kardashian contouring method than we originally believed? You be the judge, and scroll down to see the time lapse videos!

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