The Kardashian Sisters Are Launching Hair Tools!

Kardashian Hair Tools
Photo: Courtesy

If you keep up with the Kardashians like we do, chances are, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé’s glamorous strands have given you just a little hair envy. Not all of us can have access to the trio's talented glam squad, but the latest launch from Kardashian Beauty could be the next best thing.

The sisters have teamed up with Farouk Systems, the pros behind the iconic Chi brand, to create their own line of hair tools! In addition to the blow dryer, flat iron, and straightener/curling iron hybrid seen above, the range will also include styling products and accessories. The Kardashian sisters certainly know the power of a good hairstyle well; We've never seen Khloé's ombré highlights or Kourtney's lush layers look anything less than perfect, and Kim in particular has been on an adventurous streak as of late. Over the past year, she has veered between blond and her natural brunet hue, and occasionally, she'll break out a set of clip-on bangs for some extra drama.

"I mix it up as much as possible," Kim told InStyle previously. "But my signature style is sexy and effortless. Big, glam hair—like a Victoria's Secret model." Fingers crossed that the trio's hair tools will create an equally glamorous bombshell effect on us! Keep an eye out for more news and sneak peeks at the line to come as the spring 2015 launch date approaches.

In the meantime, see Kim's best hairstyles in our gallery!

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