Wait, Are the Kardashians Releasing a Christmas Card After All?

When the Kardashian-Jenner family announced that they wouldn't be continuing their amazing tradition of crafting an annual Christmas card, the world seemed to stop. Not actually stop, but how would anyone get through the holidays without a little bit of Kardashian-brand cheer? Well, fans may be getting their wish. According to Kim Kardashian's social media feeds, a very belated card could be coming our way.

Cosmopolitan reports that Kim and Kris Jenner made a cameo on little sister Kylie's Instagram story. That's not unusual, but they were both wearing all-white outfits. Again, not completely out of the question for a family that's known for tossing on formalwear for no apparent reason. Kim also teased the idea on Twitter, saying that she managed to get everyone on set together, but didn't think of making it into an official holiday shoot.

Kim Kardashian Busy Tonight - Season 1
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In Kylie's snapshots, Kim can be seen wearing something very white and very shimmery. Kris is in an all-white suit (a power move if there ever was one) and Kylie's sporting what can best be described as a bejeweled catsuit.

Those are very holiday-appropriate outfits and if everyone's already all together like Kim's suggesting, why not strike a pose and send it out as an impromptu card? Sure, it won't have the production value of years past, but it'll be giving fans what they want. There's no guarantee, but there's still time for the first family of reality TV to pull through. C'mon Kim. Give us all a little holiday magic.

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