By Christopher Luu
Aug 28, 2018 @ 9:15 pm

Kanye West has never made it a habit to explain himself, but in the case of Sandalgate 2018, he couldn't let everyone jump to the wrong conclusions about his footwear. He is, after all, a fashion designer as well as a tastemaker, so if he says that wearing sandals that appear a tad too small — Yeezy-brand sandals, of course — is simply the Japanese way of doing things, who are we to argue?

Randy Holmes/Getty Images

After Twitter called West out for his shoe choice for 2 Chainz's wedding, he used the social media platform to tell everyone that he was simply wearing his sandals the way people do in Japan. He even offered up diagrams to illustrate exactly what he meant. GQ reports that West's two pictures show Japanese gata and how the wearer's heels hang off the back just slightly.

"Your heal [sic] should hang 1–2 cm off the back of the wooden sole," the photo reads.

West's caption was straightforward: "The Japanese way."

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Could Kanye be fully embracing the hallmarks of dad style? Not only were his sandals a bit too small, he was wearing them with socks. While he paired the footwear with a suit, his recent style swerves have included oversized sweatshirts, acid-wash jeans, and other cozy-boy staples like joggers and sweatpants from his own fashion line. He may have been embracing Japanese culture in his own way with the sneaker-and-sock combo, but Kanye was probably just being Kanye, which is no easy feat in any type of shoe.