By Instyle
Updated Feb 21, 2019 @ 2:30 pm
Kanye West - Lead
Credit: Walter McBride/Getty Images

Much like his youngest sis-in-law and her myriad of wigs and beauty looks, Kanye West is quite the fan of a makeover. Who could forget when he famously threw out all of Kim Kardashian’s clothes in an effort to overhaul her entire image? Well, this time, it’s Kanye West’s own makeover that's hitting headlines. The artist was caught in a paparazzi pic with super bright rainbow hair and a much shorter cut.

Kanye New Hair

While he’s no strange to a hair color change (he’s gone blonde, green, and tiger striped over the past year), this change is one of his most dramatic hair transformations yet.

Maybe this was always in the cards for West. Back in December, he was was wearing a longer, muted version of the multi-colored hair look. Perhaps, though, there is a small chance that this extravagant hair move was meant to take attention away from the other controversy that's revolving around the KarJenner family currently.

Only time, and Kim K.W.'s Instagram feed, will tell.