Kanye West Once Paid Kim Kardashian $1 Million to Not Promote a Fast Fashion Brand on Social Media

Kimye's got each other's backs. 

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's relationship reaches far beyond their romantic feelings for one another. There's a whole other layer to Kimye's synergy, and it can be attributed to their mutual aesthetic when it comes to fashion. If you can remember as far back to when they first began dating, Kanye threw out all of Kim's clothes and gave her new neutral wardrobe filled with designer labels.

So, it doesn't really shock us that the rapper, arbiter of Kim's style, once cut his wife a check for $1 million to not promote a certain fashion brand on social media. While speaking with the New York Times, the reality star told the newspaper that she turns down more offers than she accepts, and sometimes her husband is the reason behind her declining a deal.

Kim and Kanye West lead
Jamie McCarthy

According to Kim, a fast fashion brand, which she refuses to name, offered her a cool $1 million for a single post on Instagram, and Kanye asked her not to do it. “These companies knock off my stuff," he told her. Naturally, Kim shot them down. As a token of his appreciation, Mr. West matched the money she would have made, and gifted her a check on Mother's Day.

"He wrote me a check for that amount and said ‘Thank you so much for always being supportive and not posting,’” Kardashian said.

Kanye's also heavily involved in shaping the vision for Kim's cosmetic, fragrance, and accessory collections. She tells the NYT that there's a "mood board" in couple's "living room" that they're constantly tweaking for inspiration.

Oh, and Kanye is also trying his hand at creative directing the new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. “He’s a real creative force, clearly, and had thoughts on marketing, thoughts on presentation of the show, on the opening title sequence,” said Adam Stotsky, the president of E!. Tune in tonight to for the season 16 premiere.

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