By Jennifer Davis
Updated May 24, 2018 @ 2:45 pm

When it comes to showering Kim Kardashian West with presents, Kanye West spares no expense.

Since he and Kim became a couple back in 2012, he's given her a staggering amount of jewels, jaw-dropping floral arrangements, and most recently, stocks.

We have yet to see what West will give his betrothed in honor of their 4th anniversary on May 24 (might we suggest a public apology to all those he's offended on social media? It's free!). However, we've done our best to total up the combined cost of all the major gifts we're aware of—let's be honest, there are certainly a ton more that aren't accounted for—from the beginning of their courtship to this past Christmas.

Scroll down to see Kanye's most lavish gifts to Kim, and prepare to be shocked by the staggering final tab.

Cartier Panther Bracelet

For Kim's 32nd birthday in 2012, Kanye bought Kim a $35,000 Cartier bracelet during a trip to Florence. She showed it off on Instagram, naturally. "Rawr," she wrote alongside the photo.

Another Cartier Panther Bracelet

One Cartier panther bracelet is definitely not enough. For Valentine's Day 2013, Kanye gifted Kim yet another eye-catching bracelet. This priceless jewel is diamond-encrusted, includes emerald eyes, an onyx nose, and sits on a black cuff with a white gold trim. It's estimated to be worth between $68,000 and $73,000.

Yes, Even MORE Cartier Bracelets

If you thought Kanye was done giving Kim Cartier bracelets, think again. During a trip to Paris, Kanye bought the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star 5 more bracelets to add to her collection, which are valued at around $65,000.

Engagement Ring

When Kanye proposed to Kim at the San Francisco Giants baseball stadium, he didn't pop the question with just any ring. The rapper asked Kim to be his wife with a 15-carat D, flawless cushion-cut diamond ring from Lorraine Schwartz worth an estimated $2 million dollars.

Hand-Painted Hèrmes Birkin Bag

For Christmas 2013, West commissioned one of his favorite artists, George Condo, to customize an Hèrmes Birkin bag for Kim. Since it's a one-of-a-kind accessory, the price is unknown, though the price of the bag rings in around $40,000.

1,000 Red Roses

Nothing says Valentine's Day like a bouquet of roses. And Kanye, being Kanye, didn't stop at just a dozen. In 2014, he sent Kim 1,000 red roses to celebrate. If the cost of a dozen premium roses rings in around $40, a thousand of the gorgeous long-stem flowers would total up to $40,000.

Rose Wall

If you thought that 1,000 red roses was an extravagance, for Mother's Day the same year, Kanye outdid himself by building his then bride-to-be a wall of white roses, hydrangeas, and peonies, which he had installed in their backyard. While we're not sure of the cost of lavish gesture, we'd guess it's at least $10,000.

Another Hermès bag

On her 34th birthday, Kardashian was gifted another painted Hermès bag. However, instead of being customized by a famous artist, this one was the work of the pair's daughter, North West. We'd estimate its value around $20,000.

Diamond Choker

After Kim gave birth to the couple's son Saint, Kanye gave the star a stunning diamond choker as a push present. The gorgeous accessory is worth about $1 million.


For one of his Christmas presents to Kim in 2017, Kanye had her future in mind. He bought her stock in Disney, Apple, Adidas (which produces his Yeezy sneakers), and Netflix. While we don't know how many shares he bought from each company, on her Snapchat she shared a glimpse of the amount he purchased from Disney and Adidas. West bought Kim 920 shares from the Walt Disney Company valued at approximately $100,000, and 995 shares of Adidas stock worth around $168,553 back in December, according to People. If the trend is accurate for the other two companies, it looks like he purchased around $400,000 worth of stocks.

TOTAL estimate: $3,683,000

While the public at large isn't too happy with West at the moment given his wave of controversial comments (with good reason), you can't say the man doesn't treat his wife.