By Sam Reed
Updated Oct 09, 2018 @ 9:45 am

We regret to inform you that this is not an episode of the Twilight Zone, this is, in fact, real life.

Our 45th President, Donald Trump, will be taking time out of his busy schedule (we've heard running the country can result in a particularly booked calendar) to meet with provocative rapper Kanye West at the White House, just months after his wife, the reality TV mogul Kim Kardashian, took a meeting with the Donald (a former reality TV mogul himself) in the hallowed Oval Office. Go ahead, deep breaths.

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The New York Times reported Tuesday that Ye is headed to D.C. to meet first with the President's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, followed by lunch with Trump. Yes, the very man who produced a music video complete with a naked figure of the President, will be chomping away across the table from him on Thursday, probably on McDonald's fries.

The Times adds that the trio will "discuss the availability of job opportunities for former convicts," (a similar platform to the one Kardashian has undertaken) as well as ways in which they can "increase the number of manufacturing jobs in the Chicago area, where Mr. West grew up." West recently said he had plans to move back to Chicago from his current residence in Calabasas.

West has also stated previously that he would like to facilitate a meeting between Colin Kaepernick and the President. We'll see where he gets on that one.

But this is Kanye, if there's anything we know about Yeezy himself, it's that he likes to go off script. So what kind of small talk will fill the silence between them? Perhaps they'll bond over their public feuds with country darling-turned-pop superstar Taylor Swift? Or maybe they'll spend the hour rehashing West's unaired pro-Trump speech at the conclusion of SNL, with West giving a dramatic encore for his audience of one. Maybe, just maybe, West will be recording the president with the hopes of using his voice as a sample on his not-yet-released forthcoming album, Yandhi? All in the realm of possibility, at this point.

Oh, and not to rub salt in the wound or anything, but just a casual reminder that your tax dollars are funding this. Happy Tuesday!