A pair of "Jesus Walks" socks alone will cost you $50.

By Alicia Brunker
Updated Apr 21, 2019 @ 3:30 pm

Kanye West took Coachella to church with his Sunday Service on Easter, no less. However, not everyone was feeling his spiritual set this weekend.

For his highly-anticipated concert at the annual music festival, concertgoers had the opportunity to purchase "church clothes," aka Sunday Service sweats and socks in faded neutral tones (à la Yeezy), which left some scratching their heads.

It wasn't just the merchandise itself — which included sweaters emblazoned with the phrase "Holy Spirit" and socks that read "Jesus Walks" — being sold on Easter that rubbed people the wrong way, but also the steep price tags. For instance, the aforementioned socks will set you back $50, while a sweatshirt costs $225.

Naturally, critics took to Twitter to call the rapper out for profiting on a religious holiday. "Kanye is really out here selling merchandise during this mass," wrote one user. Meanwhile another commented: "One day we’re gonna talk about how Kanye wants to be taken seriously as a designer but continually makes clothes with no artistic value and relies heavily on his name to sell overpriced merch."

Still, negative commentary aside, diehard fans pulled out their pocketbooks to wear Kanye's version of Sunday best.

Earlier this month, Kanye's wife, Kim Kardashian, revealed that all faiths can partake in the "Kanye Church."

"Kourtney’s best friends come all the time and they’re Muslim," she told Elle. "All my Jewish friends came on Sunday; they loved it. Everyone that comes understands it’s just a really healing experience with an amazing choir, and amazing messages about love to start off your week."

She continued: "It’s honestly more like a healing experience for my husband. It’s just music; there’s no sermon. It’s definitely something he believes in—Jesus—and there’s a Christian vibe. But there’s no preaching. It’s just a very spiritual Christian experience."