Find another vice-presidential nominee that sparks this kind of joy.


Senator Kamala Harris had a doubleheader today in Florida. First, she spoke in Orlando, and later, she had another engagement in Jacksonville, where she managed to get a little dance number in, even though the rain was pouring and she was holding an umbrella. The Recount posted a video of the moment, which managed to capture the internet's collective hearts. Harris wore her go-to campaign footwear, Converse Chuck Taylors, and seemed unbothered by the shower.

Twitter users loved Harris's joy and positivity, two things that have been in short supply this election season. At the event, Harris said that Florida would be pivotal in deciding the election and urged voters to cast their ballots early, "because you will very likely determine the outcome of this election."

"Joe Biden stands for the people. With the people," Harris added. Twitter also took notice of her footwear, though fans know that her casual kicks are nothing new.

Harris finished her speech — urging attendees to get back in their cars and get out of the rain — by stating the importance of the vote and the importance of access. 

"All these powerful people trying to put roadblocks in [...] you have to sit back and ask why all these powerful people are trying to make it more difficult for us to vote?" she said. "We know what's at stake and we have our power."