One thing we love about Kaley Cuoco? Aside from her comedic timing, we're very into how adventurous she gets with her hair changes.

The star has tried out everything from a pixie to Rapunzel-esque layers (not to mention the lobs and bobs staggered in between), and even dyed her hair pink for a hot minute. Suffice it to say that for Summer '17, Cuoco has entered her blue period. Or is it grey? Possibly purple?

Yesterday, the star visited her hairstylist Faye Woods, who took her longtime blonde hue to what Cuoco referred to as "dreamy sherbet hair." We're into it—the shade is basically the hair color equivalent of Too Faced's Unicorn Tears Lipstick, and we can see some potential to call out the color within plotlines of The Big Bang Theory. Like, damn girl, was that color forged in the core of a collapsing star? Because that silver is out of this world. Science jokes!

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