The pair split two weeks ago.


Miley Cyrus's new romance with singer Cody Simpson came as a surprise to just about everyone, including her ex-girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter — especially considering the pair broke up just two weeks ago.

Shortly after their split, Miley was spotted making out with Simpson at a smoothie shop in L.A., and their PDA parade continued on social media over the weekend. Side note: They're already at the pet name stage of their relationship.

Miley Cyrus and Kaitlynn Carter Are Getting "Domestic"
Credit: Robert Kamau/Getty Images

While Cyrus may have moved on from Carter rather quickly, the reality star is "unbothered" by the couple's public affair, according to TMZ. However, Kaitlynn "has expressed concern over Miley's behavior to friends" and "she's worried for her well-being."

Last week, Miley defended her decision to date so soon after separating from husband Liam Hemsworth (and calling it quits with Carter) in a lengthy tweet addressed to her critics. “I am trying to just THRIVE/survive in a 'man's' world. If we can’t beat 'em, join 'em! If our president can 'grab 'em by the p—'...can’t I just have a kiss and açaí bowl?!?!” she wrote.

Referencing her 10-year relationship with Liam, Miley continued: “This 'dating' thing is new to me too. I’ve never been an 'adult'/ grown ass woman experiencing this. I was in a committed relationship for almost all my teens and early 20s, with the exception of a few breaks, which usually in those times I was working my ass off with not much R&R, and 'meeting / trusting' people in my position is really tuff."

"Don’t f— pity me, not what I’m asking for. I have a great life; I wouldn’t trade for 'privacy,' but PLEASE don’t make this awkward for me! I am trying to make light and like always MAKE FUN of myself / and the public’s perception of me," she added, before signing off: "Get used to me dating—this is where I am at! #HotGirlFall."

Our takeaway? Miley's just being Miley.