Who Was Chosen to Be the New Bachelerotte?

Photo: Getty Images

Spoiler alert: Kaitlyn Bristowe is the new Bachelorette. On last night's episode of the two-part The Bachelorette premiere, host Chris Harrison revealed the news and sent hopeful Britt Nilsson packing.

"I want to be a wife and mom more than anything," Britt said in her tear-filled limo ride from the Bachelorette compound. "I almost wish that I hadn't met them because that makes it a lot harder to walk away from. I'm so confused and tired. How many times do you have to put your heart out there?"

But the mood quickly changed as Kaitlyn found out that she would be moving on with the task of finding her possible husband. After much cheering from the men, the Bachelerotte embarked on her mission. Following a quick makeout session with Chris the dentist, she ultimately awarded the First Impression Rose to Shawn the personal trainer. But all weren't happy with the decision—Brady, the singer-songwriter from Nashville, dramatically eliminated himself mid-Rose Ceremony, saying he's in love with Britt. The episode ultimately ended with Kaitlyn sending a group of guys packing and leaving 19 in the race to win her heart.

One thing's certain: we can't wait to see how the rest of the season plays out.

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