By Isabel Jones
Updated: Aug 24, 2017 @ 3:42 am

In case you missed it, Cindy Crawford’s teenage daughter, Kaia Gerber, is quickly becoming the one to watch on the fashion scene.

Gerber, who turns 16 in just over a week, is exerting her icon-in-the-making status with every 'gram she posts for her 1.6 million followers.

On Monday, Kaia posted an image from a glam night with the girls—Crawford’s mini-me posed in a mod platinum wig, while her pals followed suit in pink and purple versions, each captured whilst applying her respective makeup.

But who are these wig-wearing ladies? Well, they’re also teenage models—and they make hilarious mock-music videos:

Meet Charlotte D’Alessio, 19, and Charlotte Lawrence, 17.

Gerber isn’t the only member of the gang with famous parents. Lawrence is the daughter of actress Christa Miller (Cougar Town, Scrubs) and screenwriter Bill Lawrence (Cougar Town, Scrubs).

Here, Lawrence is just casually hanging with her mom and her Scrubs co-star Zach Braff:

Unlike her actress mom, Lawrence's foremost career prospects appear to be in modeling and music—she released a single called "Seventeen" this past May. (It's kind of a banger, TBH.)

D’Alessio, for her part, rose to prominence in 2015 after photos of her and fellow model Josie Canseco posing at Coachella went viral.

Good call, Coachella—this gal’s gorgeous!

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Mark our words: Kaia and her pack of Charlottes are bound to join the next generation of It models.