Kaia Gerber Is Closing Out 2019 With Her Shortest Haircut Yet

And she shared more than one angle.

Kaia Gerber
Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images

Holiday hair isn't all velvet bows, rhinestone hair clips, and tousled updos. Instead, Kaia Gerber is ushering in the most festive time of the year with a brand new haircut.

Over the weekend the model showed off the latest look in her 2019 hair transformation. In June, Redken global creative director Guido Palau cut Gerber's lob into what he called a "boyish" bob. Since then, she's spent the rest of the summer and fall gradually trimming her hair shorter, which brings us to her newest length, a borderline pixie.

While attending a pop up event for Emily Ratajowski' swimwear brand Inamorata, Gerber snapped a mirror selfie with a pretty floral arrangement, but it's impossible to shift your focus from her short cut. Tucked behind her ears, Gerber's trim looks like it's simply an updated version of her blunt bob.

However, Gerber gave her followers a front-facing view of her new cut on her Instagram Stories, and it's clear that she's now the owner of an A-line pixie. From this angle, you can see that her hair is slightly longer in the front and the layers around her face soften up the cut.

Kaia Gerber Pixie Cut

This is Gerber's shortest haircut yet, but it's not the first time she's experiemented with a length like this. In November, she wore a jet black bowl cut wig for a Vogue photoshoot.

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After months of trimming her hair, Gerber is closing out the year with her shortest haircut yet. There's no telling what hairstyles we might see her with in 2020.

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