By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Apr 02, 2018 @ 9:45 am
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When you finally stashed away enough cash to buy yourself your first fancy designer fragrance, there's a big chance it was probably Marc Jacobs Daisy. Over ten years since its launch, it's undergone several mini makeovers with different standout notes, and supermodel Kaia Gerber is here to debut the latest version of the signature scent with a brand new campaign. And if you needed further proof that Kaia Gerber is her mom Cindy Crawford's mini-me, this is it.

Prepare to do a double take. Following in her mother's modeling footsteps, Gerber stars in the 30-second flick for Daisy Love Marc Jacobs. The campaign features Gerber playing the "loves me, loves me not" game we've all played with the petals of a daisy. Set on a warm and sunny beach, it's also the reminder we need right now that summer will actually become a reality this year. You can watch the entire clip above.

Courtesy of Marc Jacobs

The pink-hued fragrance itself is a sweeter take on the originally, with crystalized cloudberries serving as the star top note. Daisy tree petals, along with creamy cashmere musks and driftwood, round out the soft, feminine scent. You can score the $102 fragrance now at

Courtesy of Marc Jacobs

You can thank Kaia for picking out your new spring signature scent.