Kacey Musgraves may have the 2019 Grammy Award for Album of the Year, but her hair deserves accolades, too. From gravity-defying bouffants, sparkly high ponytails, and waist-length waves, the country singer wears the hell out of any style. And now bangs can be added to the list of Musgraves's most memorable hairstyles.

Musgraves showed up to the New York screening of her Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show with a fresh set of curtain bangs. This style was a favorite of the '70s — think Françoise Hardy and Debbie Harry — and fits in with the retro vibe of Musgraves's signature waist-length black hair, which is usually center-parted and styled sleek or wavy. While curtain bangs come from another decade, the style is a major hair trend in 2019. They owe their popularity to actually being low maintenance. Along with being easy to style, curtain bangs offer an almost effortless grow-out once you're over them.

Kacey Musgraves
Credit: Manny Carabel/Getty Images

Like all of Musgraves's hair moments, her new bangs are the work of her go-to hairstylist Giovanni Delgado. Combined with her super-straight dark hair, these bangs are reminiscent of another '70s icon: Cher. Whether or not that was Delgado's inspiration for Musgraves's look, it's fitting considering the singer defies musical genres with both her music and style. Somehow, Musgraves is part country, part disco glam, and part Lisa Frank and it somehow works.

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Whenever a celeb debuts a new set of bangs, it's become second nature to assume they're just clip-ins. Musgraves hasn't revealed whether or not her curtain bangs are legit, but her past hairstyles are proof she's willing to take risks to nail a specific look.

We shouldn't expect anything less from someone who sings, "Go out with you in powder blue and tease my hair up high." This look is a high point, for sure.