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To say we are big fans of country artist Kacey Musgraves would be a huge understatement. Apart from her vocal chops and quippy lyrics, the two-time Grammy winner is widely known for her over-the-top concert style, which typically involves tassels, rhinestones, and big hair à la Dolly Parton. The singer-songwriter's retro-modern take on Country-Western style is something to revel in—and if you've seen her light-up cowgirl boots and neon cactus stage props you know exactly what we mean. Musgraves chatted with InStyle about her take on fashion, the people she looks up to, and all things tour. Read on to see what she had to say.

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Currently on tour in support of her sophomore album, Pageant Material, Musgraves's love of throwback looks plays into her on-stage style. "I love pushing the boundaries by going way back in time with what I wear," she told us. For this tour in particular, the country darling I.D.'d her aesthetic as "over-the top '80 Western Barbie." Musgrave's outfits and set alike were designed in shades of deep raspberry and magenta, exemplified by rhinestone bodysuits and glittery backdrops onstage. "Everything I do has to have some element of kitsch and Western in it," she said. Furthermore, the 27-year-old counts Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, and even Nancy Sinatra as some of her idols, and her style is clearly a reflection of these classic singers. She went on to cite Lynn's "empire waist and classic babydoll-looking '60s style" and Sinatra's "mod, slightly country style" as inspirations for her custom-made outfits, which she has a hand in designing. Musgraves wants her shows "to evoke this really classic, sparkly, fun vibe"—the tour is called The Rhinestone Revue, after all.

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With tours alongside both Katy Perry and Willie Nelson under her (rhinestone-encrusted) belt, Musgraves has plenty of experience on the road. Offstage, however, not everything is glitter and sparkles. The singer-songwriter includes Lululemon athletic wear as a tour essential. "I kind of live in my workout clothes," she said. Her favorites are "things that I can easily throw on—layers—and if I get time to hit the gym, then I will." Another tour essential for the singer-songwriter is sampling new foods in each city she plays. "One of my most favorite things is trying local foods that I've never had before in each of the places that we're going," she said. "I'm lucky that our whole group is comprised of foodies."

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