Justin Trudeau, the very attractive Canadian leader and an all-around good guy, marched in Toronto’s annual Pride parade on Sunday.

Last Pride, Trudeau made history as the first sitting Canadian Prime Minister to march in Toronto’s parade—yaaaas, PM Trudeau!

Like everything Prime Minister Trudeau does, the photos of JT at this year's parade soon became a viral sensation.

I mean, look at this guy…

Justin Trudeau with kids gives Barack Obama with kids a serious run for its money.

Natch, JT didn’t act alone, he marched for equality alongside his wife, Sophie Gregoire, and their children.

Homeboy even wore rainbow socks! Note: they’re more than just rainbow—in addition to their colorful stripes, the socks in question also give a shout-out to Eid al-Fitr—a religious holiday celebrating the end of Ramadan:

See, Trudeau isn’t just a political thirst trap, he’s a socially conscious and fashion-forward political thirst trap.

Long live PM Trudeau, his infectious smile, and his statement-making socks!