Before Justin Trudeau earned the title of the world’s hottest politician, he was simply the world’s hottest teacher.

Back in the '90s and early aughts, the current Canadian Prime Minister was a curly haired French, math, and drama instructor with blonde highlights and thin-rimmed eyeglasses.

We’ve seen pubescent J.T., sexy early 20s J.T., buttoned-up PM J.T., but late '90s do-gooder J.T. may be the best of all.

In honor of World Teacher Day on Thursday, Trudeau granted us an appropriate throwback from his days teaching at West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver. “…No better day for a #TBT to this gem from the @wpgadotca days-an undisclosed number of years ago. #WorldTeachersDay,” he wrote in reference to our new desktop wallpaper:

Hiiii, Justin. We’re loving the leaf-print tie.


As always, the Internet had plenty to say about the #TBT:

If only we could see his socks! Apple print, perhaps?