French president-elect Emmanuel Macron is young (39), liberal, good-looking, and fluent in French (duh)—sound familiar? Clearly, Macron is France’s answer to universal Canadian crush, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

On May 7, PM Trudeau extended his congratulations to Macron himself, proposing a future meeting between the world leaders.

We imagine the meeting will go something like THIS.

Naturally, J.T.’s friendly tweet opened up a whole new world to fans of both politicians.

People were excited, to say the least.

Macron + Trudeau = One Direction for the middle-aged Francophile? We're brainstorming band names already.

Blanche Devereaux GIFs have never been more relevant.

It's just science, guys.

The race is on.

Get on that fan-fic, J.T. and Macron shippers!