Justin Trudeau
Credit: Samir Hussein/WireImage

If you have a thing for middle-aged Justin Trudeau, just wait until you see these photos from his youth.

Newly recovered throwback photos of the Canadian Prime Minister are sweeping the Internet–and we're not mad about it. Like seriously, take a moment out of your busy day to appreciate Prince Eric incarnate.

I’m personally offended that J.T. was neither a member of the brat pack nor any notable ‘80s boy band. Whoever scouted Ryan Gosling made a serious oversight—young Trudeau looks like the long lost lovechild of young Richard Gere and Andie Macdowell.

Obviously, the worldwide web had quite a bit to say about this thirst-inducing discovery. Sit back and enjoy.

O, Canada…

VIDEO: See Celebrities Thirsting Over Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau


And the Oscar goes to...

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