We’re only three months in, but we’re ready to call it: Justin Trudeau is the official heartthrob of 2017.

I mean:


Can’t forget:

But, alas, every rose has its thorn, and Justin Trudeau is no exception. Although J.T. is a fine specimen of Canadian charm and Disney Prince-like good looks, he did not escape the ‘80s unscathed. The Canadian Prime Minister suffered through the awkward years, just like we did.

It’s difficult to believe, I know, but we do, in fact, have photo evidence:

Justin Trudeau - EMBED
Credit: Boris Spremo/Toronto Star via Getty

Apparent dorky-ness aside, the dreamy 45-year-old was pretty adorable. The photo, taken in 1986, captures the P.M. at the tender age of 14(ish), voluminous coif and gigantic glasses working together for the full ‘80s teen effect. You can totally picture him pining after Molly Ringwald, no?

The takeaway?

1) John Hughes made a casting mistake

2) Justin Trudeau is adorable at any age

Until next time, JT shippers!