Back to business as usual.

Just weeks after he was photographed holding hands with his co-star, Justin Timberlake seems to be getting back into his usual routine, which is to leave flirty comments on his wife's Instagram feed. According to People, Timberlake's back to his usual M.O., posting a pair of hearts and a heart-eye emoji on Biel's latest photo, which features her posing with yoga equipment.

In the past, the flirting has gone both ways. Biel's left comments about Timberlake's big brain on his posts and he's written things like "gimme" on a throwback post of Biel in a bikini and "Uh... bring this outfit home and..." on a snapshot of her decked out in '80s gear.

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Credit: Michael Kovac/Getty Images

In addition to posting his loving emoji, he wrote "Squad" alongside another one of Biel's posts, which showed her with the team involved with her Gaiam photoshoot.

After the scandal, Timberlake issued a public apology on his social media channels. "A few weeks ago I displayed a strong lapse in judgment — but let me be clear — nothing happened between me and my costar. I drank way too much that night and I regret my behavior. I should have known better," he wrote. "This is not the example I want to set for my son."

He apologized to his wife and his family and hoped that fans would continue to support his film, Palmer. Though things seem to be fine to fans, sources close to the couple say that they're working through the incident.

"It was good that he apologized publicly but obviously the real work he is doing is in private, and hopefully this was just a bad drunken night of this type of behavior," an insider told People. "What's most important to her in life is her family and being the best mom to Silas. She'll never break up her family over something like this."