Longtime Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg faced what reporters are calling her “hardest decision yet” when she was wooed by two of Hollywood’s hottest actors on Tuesday evening.

During the D.C. premiere of On the Basis of Sex (a biopic chronicling Ginsburg’s fraught journey to the nation’s highest court), the 85-year-old met with her onscreen counterpart, Felicity Jones, as well as her onscreen husband Armie Hammer (who portrays the late Martin Ginsburg), and Justin Theroux (who plays former ACLU legal director Mel Wulf).

Hammer and Theroux both took to Instagram to share their respective photo opps:

And while there’s no doubt enough RBG to go around, Hammer was nonetheless incensed by Theroux’s caption:

OK, we get that they’re joking, but how incredible would it be if they weren’t? Imagine Hammer leaving his lifestyle expert wife of eight years for an 85-year-old Supreme Court Justice; or Theroux legitimately rebounding from Jennifer Aniston with the Notorious RBG.

Honestly, Team Ginsburg any day.