By Isabel Jones
Updated Apr 03, 2018 @ 1:30 pm

Since news broke of Justin Theroux’s split from wife Jennifer Aniston in February, the Leftovers alum has been socializing like never before, which of course has led to romantic speculation—a lot of it.

In less than two months, Theroux has been rumored to be dating Petra Collins, Aubrey Plaza, Olivia Munn, and … Well, this next one we’re actually kind of shipping: Jonathan Van Ness (aka Jonathan from Netflix's Queer Eye).

To be fair, Theroux really shut this rumor down before it started. On Monday, he posted an image on his Instagram story of himself palling around with “Bffffffs” Emma Stone and Van Ness. The trio lean into each another, their body language mirroring one another as they rest their chin on their respective left hands. Theroux, the tank top-wearing God he is, happened to flash his ultra-sculpted bicep in the shot, and OH. MY. “Save lives! Save lives! Saving lives! Doing the most! Bffffffs. And yes. JUST bfffffs,” reads the script scrawled across the actor’s photo. If biceps could save lives by sheer existence, we believe Theroux's would have that power.

Justin Theroux Embed
Credit: Instagram/justintheroux

They’re “JUST” friends, we get it, but OMG look at those two! Legs crossed towards each other …

As for a possible Emma Stone-Justin Theroux tête-à-tête, both parties are expected to appear in the upcoming series Maniac, so they’re co-stars (and nothing more, according to this ‘gram).

Anyway, we’re still drawing a blank as to why this unlikely trio is logging lounge time together, but we’re betting it has something to do with the producer of both Maniac and Queer Eye, Netflix.

We called it first.