Since Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston sang their official swan song in February (the wounds are still fresh for us), the Leftovers star has been romantically linked to approximately everyone (nine different ladies, and one incredibly fabulous man).

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Most of the chatter has died down, but we can’t help but notice Theroux’s Parisian outing with one of the women he’s been connected to: Laura Harrier.

Rumors of Theroux’s more-than-friendly relationship with the Spider-Man: Homecoming star began in May when the two swimsuit-clad actors were spotted aboard a yacht in the South of France, as one does.

Another frequent subject of J.T. dating rumors, Emma Stone, was also on the same casual France trip — turns out, it was a group vacay for Louis Vuitton ambassadors.

On Monday, Theroux, 47, and Harrier, 28, were spotted together abroad once more — this time shopping along Paris’s Champs-Élysées. If they are dating, this is the most glamorous relationship ever — they only meet-up in the most opulent regions of France. Why bother showing your face anywhere but Paris and Cannes??

Justin Theroux Laura Harrier 

Anyway, the “we’re just friends” defense is seeming rather likely this time around. It’s currently Paris Fashion Week, and Louis Vuitton happens to be having a show today, so that’s probably why they’re chicly traipsing across the most populated street in Paris. If they were dating, and trying to keep things low-key (as Justin is wont to do), no way they’d head straight to tourist central.