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Leftovers star, Justin Theroux, stepped out in West Hollywood on Tuesday looking sexier than ever following a trip to the gym.

Clad in a funny message-bearing tank (“Born a Bad Seed”) and his go-to dark denim, which he accessorized with a Gucci logo belt (nice work, Jen!), a pair of dark aviator glasses, a golden chain and pendant, a matching wristwatch, and a black wristband, Theroux looked ready to star in a crazy-intense action movie.

And, um, sorry for burying the lead, but check out the man’s arms! OH. MY. That gym membership paid off, Justin!

Justin Theroux
Credit: Splash News

Seriously, which action film franchises are looking for a new front man? Justin Theroux deserves a chance to share his muscles with audiences worldwide.

You’re one lucky woman, Jennifer Aniston—but please, do tell Justin to donate that tank top.