Justin Bieber
Credit: Getty; Courtesy Photo

Justin Bieber's hair toss can send girls into shrieks and squeals. It's also one of the most coveted styles for young boys, according to the New York Times. So what's his secret? Five words: Oribe Rough Luxury Molding Wax. "Justin has a lot of hair, but it’s very fine and silky smooth," said Bieber's stylist Vanessa Rose Price. "Rough Luxury is perfect because it minimizes the number of products we need when creating different looks." To achieve Justin's signature style, Price applies the product to damp hair and blow-dries it. Once dry, she works the wax into the ends of Justin's hair for added definition. "Rough Luxury provides enough control so that when Justin sweeps his hair over, it'll stay put," the product's creator, celebrity hairstylist Oribe, told InStyle exclusively. Pick up your own tub for $34 on

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