By Alicia Brunker
Updated Sep 16, 2017 @ 5:15 pm

Though, Justin Bieber may be a maximalist when it comes to fashion, he is a man of simplicity in the beauty department. On Saturday, the singer gave us an intimate look at his surprisingly simple skin care routine on Instagram, dressed in a luxe velvet bathrobe with baroque gold embroidery at the cuffs and waist tie. You know, as one does.

In several clips, the Biebs breaks down what products he uses to keep his complexion clear. To start off, he pulls out a Clarisonic brush ($169, and adds a few pumps of Christie Kidd cleanser to the device. He demonstrates: “I put a little bit of this on a little bit of this, and I go shablam all over the dome.”

Justin Bieber's Skin Care Routine EMBED 2
Credit: justinbieber / Instagram
Justin Bieber's Skin Care Routine EMBED
Credit: justinbieber / Instagram

After a deep cleanse, the singer covers his face in Elta MD SPF ($33, As he completes his regimen, Bieber isn’t exactly sure if it will actually prevent blemishes, warning Beliebers by zooming the camera in on a few pimples on his forehead.

"I wouldn't take anything I just said seriously," he adds.

Justin Bieber's Skin Care Routine EMBED 1
Credit: justinbieber / Instagram

Try it at your own risk.