By Rita Kokshanian
May 24, 2016 @ 11:30 am
Mark Davis/Getty Images, Sammy Smith/WireImage

If you're not belting out Taylor Swift songs at the top of your lungs on car rides, you're doing it wrong—just ask Justin Bieber. While the Biebs may sing his own songs on stage and on Carpool Karaoke, when he's cruising for fun he turns to none other than Swift for musical inspiration. 

On Monday, the "Love Yourself" singer took to Instagram to share two videos of himself crooning the words to "Teardrops on My Guitar," and it's everything

In the first video, Bieber's carmate is heard saying "Do you even know Drew? You don't even know Drew, ok? If you did, you'd understand," as the infamous opening lines of the song, "Drew looks at me," begins to play in the background. Bieber simply captioned the clip, "Drew." 


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In the second video, which the singer posted with no caption, we see Bieber looking solemnly into the distance as Swift sings in the background. And just when you thought he wasn't going to do some singing of his own, the Biebs starts belting out the chorus. 

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And just like that, our Bieber Fever continues.