It’s not summer until Justin Bieber loses the shirt—am I right? (The crop top incident does NOT count.) Anyway, the Biebs has primed us for warm weather in DJ Khaled’s latest video, “I’m the One.” #BlessUp.

The video also features appearances by Quavo, Chance the Rapper, and Lil Wayne, but none of them can work their way into our hearts quite like good boy gone bad, J.Biebs.

Set outside—splicing between a Tuscan-style garden and an infinity pool, the object of our affection transitions between full-dress and shirtless while bandana-clad with tattoos on full display.

As always, J.B.’s vocals are angelic yet completely befitting of a rap video. He serenades us into a summertime dream while we watch bikini-wearing extras puff on Kandypens and sip Ciroc Vodka (nice product placement, eh?).

We’ll see you in our dreams, Justin.