Don't mess with the Swifties.


Justin Bieber just created some drama among Taylor Swift fans everywhere with his reenactment of the songstress freaking out over a banana after Lasik eye surgery.

The original video of Taylor stressed out by the task of choosing a banana while on painkillers first went viral after her mom submitted the footage to Jimmy Fallon, who played the clip on The Tonight Show. Days later, Justin decided to recreate the scene in his own kitchen, with wife Hailey Baldwin filming behind the scenes.

"It's not the banana that I wanted!" Justin scream-cried on Instagram Live just like Swift did in her video. "That was so funny," Hailey replied in reference to Taylor's clip. "It's not the right banana. It has no head," Justin continued.

While Bieber likely was just playing around, Swifties were not convinced and thought he was taking a jab at the singer since the two are currently not on the best of terms. Naturally, they sounded off on him on Twitter:

"He's a bully and deserves no attention," wrote one user, while another commented: "His obsession with her is disgusting."

Other Swift fans brought Scooter Braun (Taylor's arch nemesis) into the fold.

Hopefully Banana Gate doesn't become a thing.