Justin Bieber Has a New Nickname for Hailey Baldwin

More than one, actually.

Justin Bieber is back in the studio. That means more music, but new tunes aren't the only thing that he's working on.

Alongside Instagram peeks at his creative process in the studio, fans are getting a heads-up on the various nicknames that he has for his wife, Hailey Baldwin. That's right, it's more than one. So, for anyone with a go-to nickname for their S.O., step up to Bieber's level by adding a few more.

In one post, which shows Bieber in the studio without a shirt and all of his tattoos on display, he calls Baldwin his "studio chicka." Baldwin is fully dressed in the snapshot, complete with dark-rimmed glasses and an oversized sweatshirt. She looks perfectly content to be beside her beau, with a huge smile on her face.

"Studio vibes.. with my studio chicka .." he wrote on the post.

In another post, Bieber mentioned another nickname, "goo goo." For anyone already overwhelmed with the sheer amount of pet names, he goes on to explain that he gives Baldwin a new one every day. That's one way to keep things fresh.

"New nickname for her every day today she’s my goo goo," he wrote on another, adding a heart emoji for good measure.

Baldwin is getting in on the game, too. Entertainment Tonight reports that in a post of her own — following Beiber's black-and-white aesthetic — she calls herself a "studio wifey."

All these snaps are evidence that Bieber's getting serious about releasing new material. His last track, "I Don't Care," a duet with Ed Sheeran, is currently coasting on the radio airwaves. And just in case fans can't get enough, Bieber mentioned heading back to where it all started: YouTube. After a drought of new music, it seems that Bieber's set to give his fans exactly what they want.

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