Justin Bieber Teases New Collaboration with David Guetta

The plot thickens. After posting a slew of cryptic tweets about sports jerseys and Victoria’s Secret Angels, Justin Bieber tweeted something with clear significance:

That’s right, J. Biebs has “new music” dropping Friday, and if it’s anything like his recent collab with DJ Khaled and his Spanish-speaking (er, singing) “Despacito” remix, it’s sure to be a banger.

Aforementioned musical conspirator David Guetta, not only affirmed Bieber’s claim by retweeting the status, he also retweeted Bieber’s mysterious list of names. WHAT. DOES. THIS. MEAN.

Are David Guetta AND J.Biebs performing at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? Do they both stay up late naming their future daughters after famous models? Are they just trying to mess with us?! The possibilities are endless.

Hopefully things will clear up soon, but regardless, our Friday just got a whole lot more exciting!

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