By Alicia Brunker
Updated Aug 02, 2018 @ 6:00 pm

It's true that couples can start to dress like each other when they've been together long enough (lookin' at you Brad Pitt and every girl you've ever dated), but Justin Bieber may have just upped the ante by dressing like fiancée Hailey Baldwin's, um, dad.

Over the weekend, the "Despacito" singer stepped out with his betrothed wearing a hoodie that bears a connection to Baldwin's family. The sweatshirt in question represents Massapequa High School in Long Island—the school where Hailey's grandfather, Alexander Rae Baldwin, Jr., taught social studies, and her father, Stephen, and uncles Billy, Daniel, and Alec all attended—according to Page Six.

Since the '60s, Hailey's grandfather was a teacher at the school, where he also coached its football team, according to an essay Alec wrote for the Huffington Post in 2009 after his father's passing. 

Elder Ordonez /

Hailey's grandfather's legacy was so impactful that the school renamed its renovated auditorium in his honor. Additionally, her uncle Billy is still involved with the high school through his namesake Massapequa Community Fund, which helps provide college scholarships to students. 

In yellow letters, without a trace of fading, "Baldwin" is emblazoned on the back Bieb's hoodie. So, who does it belong to? 

The sweatshirt appears to be in mint condition, so we can probably rule out Hailey's grandfather, dad, and uncles. And Hailey herself went to school in Arizona, so it's unlikely she would have a hoodie from the Long Island school. 

Page Six concluded that perhaps the most likely scenario is that Bieber ordered a brand-new hoodie and customized it with his fiancée’s family name for a thrifty $40

Well, there you have it. Case closed.