By Hayley Spencer
Updated Jan 27, 2016 @ 9:00 am
Calvin Klein - Justin Bieber - Instagram
Credit: justinbieber/Instagram

A year after Justin Bieber's steamy debut as a face of Calvin Klein, he's back with an equally provocative campaign for spring 2016.

While last time around he cosied up to supermodel Lara Stone, this time he stars alongside a who's-who of young Hollywood in a shoot by Tyrone Lebon. The coolest faces in music, acting, and modeling appear in videos and solo portraits, which debuted on Instagram. As well as Bieber's friend Kendall Jenner, the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Fetty Wap, and FKA Twigs star, reveal what they do in their Calvins for the brand's campaign.

Having laid it bare in his first campaign for CK Underwear, Bieber's shots for the brand are just as revealing. He says in one tongue-in-cheek ad: "I flaunt in #MyCalvins," which he does, alongside a neoclassical nude statue (above). And the tagline of another reads, "I dream in #MyCalvins."

Calvin Klein Campaign - 7
Credit: Courtesy Calvin Klein

Meanwhile, Jenner has shared an equally racy short video, in which she teases flashes of flesh—from lips to eyes, to hips, and she reveals, "I want to be with you in #MyCalvins."

The campaign is a clever move for the New York-based brand's modern fan base, inviting a sense of intimacy with its stars, especially two names as prolific as Bieber and Jenner.

See more stars from the new campaign in the Instagram video above and the images below.

Calvin Klein Campaign - 5
Credit: Courtesy Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein Campaign - 1
Credit: Courtesy Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein Campaign - 4
Credit: Courtesy Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein Campaign - 6
Credit: Courtesy Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein Campaign - 2
Credit: Courtesy Calvin Klein