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Public service announcement: Justin Bieber is doing something weird with his Instagram account. At around 11 a.m. ET on Wednesday, the Biebs posted a relatively fuzzy photo of himself performing on stage (that features a bulging bicep muscle, might we add), and we had no idea what we were in for.

Justin Bieber Instagrams 1
Credit: justinbieber/Instagram

Over the next hour, he bombarded Instagram with a series of 26 unrelated and otherwise confusing posts, like this girl getting her picture taken on a sandy beach in paradise.

Justin Bieber Instagrams 5
Credit: justinbieber/Instagram

And this 'gram while doing shirtless yoga in the mountains.

Justin Bieber Instagrams 4
Credit: justinbieber/Instagram

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And our personal favorite, this all-up-in-your-face selfie.

Justin Bieber Instagrams 2
Credit: justinbieber/Instagram

The posts also included this random bearded man, and this TMZ footage from a fight, leading some to question whether he had gotten hacked, or had just plain gone crazy. Maybe he was out of storage on his phone, and needed to unleash some gems from his camera roll into the world? Or perhaps he's getting ready to delete Instagram yet again, and decided to have one last hurrah.

Whatever you decide to belieb, we can all agree that this right here is Internet gold:

Justin Bieber Instagrams 3
Credit: justinbieber/Instagram