Explain yourselves, guys.

By Sam Reed
Updated Apr 01, 2019 @ 5:15 pm

The worst April Fools' joke is one that keeps going and going ... and Justin Beiber and Hailey Baldwin may (or may not!) be testing our limits here.

On Monday afternoon, Bieber posted an ultrasound photo to Instagram of a baby. Fans were quick to cry "April Fools'," and generally expressed disbelief at the image. Even Baldwin commented on the screenshot, "very funny..."

Some (extremely amateur) detective work led us to the origin of the photo that Bieber posted: The "ultrasound" Wikipedia page. All of which leads us to believe the baby is most definitely not Baldwin's, and also that Bieber is not a very sneaky person. In the realm of April Fools' pranks, this tried and true classic fell a bit flat, earning just one "ugh" eye roll from yours truly.

But then things got... weirder. The 25-year-old followed up his initial post with a series of three photos of Baldwin on an examination table, a sheet covering her legs, with what looks like a bespectacled technician placing gloved hands on her knees. Another unidentified person with shaggy blonde curls, also in gloves, hovered near her side. Wearing her hair in a bun with her shirt unbuttoned, Baldwin gazed down at her exposed middle.

Bieber captioned the shots, "If U thought it was April fools."

Curiously, there was also an IV drip with a Gatorade-yellow substance in the frame — which, for the record, is not required for an ultrasound to be performed. Other than that, the ubiquitous orchid art prints on the javachip-brown walls do look pretty convincingly like a doctors office.

Naturally, Beliebers flipped out. The comments section immediately filled with "Omfgggg," and "WHAT" and other exclamations to that effect. However, a handful of fans were of the opinion that Biebs was just really pulling our legs here. Clothing brand PacSun wondered, "Food baby?"

So what can we take away from the whole ordeal? It's more likely than not just part two of the April Fools' scam — er, "prank." The images look staged, the ultrasound photo was clearly fake, and, if Baldwin was actually in the very early stages of pregnancy, she would likely be getting a transvaginal ultrasound, not an abdominal ultrasound.

Considering the press has been alight with guesses about when the couple will welcome a child, it makes sense that Bieber would want to reach for the low hanging fruit this April Fools' Day. But not everyone was so pleased. Some women struggling with infertility issues have called out both Bieber as well as another celeb who posted a fake pregnancy, Lily Collins, for being insensitive.

"1 in 8 women are unable to conceive," wrote one commenter on Collins' post. "1 in 4 suffer a miscarriage. Pregnancy is not a joke..."

We hope for more than one reason that Bieber and Baldwin's 'gram isn't a joke. We're ready for Baldwin-Bieber baby watch.

UPDATE: Less than an hour after his initial post, Bieber published a second ultrasound photo that let us know it was all one big joke. Observe the poorly Photoshopped pooch ...

Ha, ha. You guys are hilarious.