It's coming up quick. Real quick.


Back in September, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin went and got married. Sure, they picked up their license and handled all the legal paperwork, but there was no Nick-and-Priyanka-level production — not even close. But fear not, Beliebers, Elle reports that Bieber and Baldwin (well, we guess it's Bieber now) have sent out save-the-dates for the more celebratory, religious part of the wedding. The big day's close, too. According to Page Six, the two are set to wed on February 28.

And while that date is fast approaching, the Biebers seem to have everything under control. Page Six notes that the event is "already being styled" and that dancers "are already in rehearsals" for the big day. Bieber's personal DJ, Tay James, is set to perform, too. That's about all anyone knows at this point. There's no location, just the date.

Hailey Baldwin Justin Bieber lead
Credit: Ricky Vigil Moran

Back in September, Baldwin told The Cut that she envisioned a small, intimate forest wedding somewhere on the West Coast. However, Elle notes that the ceremony could be held in the Great White North at Bieber's new Waterloo mansion in Canada.

"I just picture lights strung everywhere," Baldwin told The Cut. "I think having it in the woods would be so beautiful."

People reported that if everything had gone as planned, they would have done it even earlier. Originally, the couple wanted the wedding to happen this month, but couldn't decide on a date. It looks that that hurdle's cleared, so all we have to do now is wait and see just how close the wedding is to Baldwin's fantasy ceremony.

"They've been figuring out the perfect time to do it, and they both feel like the sooner, the better," a source told People. "They're working with the schedules of all their friends and family to make sure they can be surrounded by the people they love. There's no real rush. They're already legally married, but they’re very excited about throwing a celebration with their loved ones."