Justin Bieber Wrote Wife Hailey a Virtual Love Letter in the Middle of the Night

"I hope you read this in the morning and smile!"

As Hailey Bieber (and the rest of the world) sleeps, her husband, Justin, is writing love letters in the middle of the night.

On Saturday, the singer gushed about his wife in a romantic note for her to find on Instagram the next morning, and it will make even the most love-averse person's heart skip a beat. "Dear Hailey, as I lay here, you asleep next to me, I think to myself how did I get so blessed," he captioned a photo of the pair sharing a sweet embrace. "You’re humility, joy and desire to grow blows me away! I am honored to be your husband. I promise to love you all the days of our lives."

He signed off, writing: "Good night Hailey I hope you read this in the morning and smile! You are my FOREVER."

Justin and Hailey have been self-isolating together in Canada, and to pass the time in lockdown, the couple launched a Facebook Live series, aptly titled The Biebers on Watch. On the show, the pair have gotten personal about everything from their relationship ups and downs to their favorite quarantine meals. And, in the latest episode, Justin explained why he wished he would've waited for marriage before having sex.

When asked if he would change anything in his past, Justin gave a very honest answer. "[There are] probably a lot of things I would change," he said. "I don't regret anything because I think it makes you who you are, you learn from things, but if I could go back and not have to face some of the bad hurt that I went through, yeah, I would’ve probably saved myself for marriage. Sex can be kind of, uh, confusing when you're just kind of being sexually active with anybody."

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