By Alicia Brunker
Updated Jul 08, 2018 @ 3:30 pm

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are engaged. That's right, engaged as in marriage, and the shocking announcement has social media flipping out.

While it's reported that Justin is "extremely happy" with his decision to ask for Hailey's hand in marriage, not everyone (we're looking at you, Jelena shippers) shares his excitement.

"Still rooting for Jelena," writes one Twitter user, while another simplified their feelings about the engagement through angry face and broken heart emojis.

However, some fans are genuinely happy for the couple, with one writing: "You know it's weird, I don't really like Justin Bieber or Hailey Baldwin but I am really happy for them. They just seem so blonde and happy, like golden retrievers."

Meanwhile, others are just upset that Justin is marrying someone who is not them. "Justin Bieber finally engaged?? I'm sad," a Belieber tweeted.

To say there's a mixed bag of reactions is an understatement.

As a reminder, Bieber and Baldwin dated before officially ending things back in 2016, and only began seeing each other again a few weeks ago. Though their time back together has been short, it has been anything but dull. Just a few days ago, they had a quick getaway to the Hamptons, where their car broke down, and, prior to that trip, they vacationed in Mexico and hung out in a hot tub in Washington.

Congrats again, Biebs and Hailey!