By Alexandra Whittaker
Updated: Aug 14, 2017 @ 1:01 pm

When Justin Bieber canceled the remainder of his Purpose world tour, fans were understandably pretty bummed. But it looks as though the singer is going the extra mile to make it up to them.

Biebs announced Monday that he's dropping new music this week, which is a totally unexpected surprise. He revealed cover artwork for a song called "Friends," which shows two gray birds tearing apart a smiling worm. Pretty morose if you ask us, but we're thinking that's the idea.

"Friends" will come out Thursday at noon, and it'll be a collab between Bieber and producer Bloodpop, whom you might remember from the Purpose track "Sorry." That's enough to get us excited, but Bieber wasn't done dropping hints.

On Sunday (one day before his "Friends" Instagram reveal), he tweeted out "Can we still be friends," which could be a subtle tease to the song.

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Between the reunion of the singer with Bloodpop and the unexpected album artwork, "Friends" already seems like it's made to be a hit. We just hope that with so much happening in his real life, Biebs feels more like the bird and not the worm.