Justin Bieber Is Receiving Treatment for Depression

"He seems confident he will feel better soon."

Justin Bieber is seeking help for depression, according to a report from People.

Bieber, whose name has been in the headlines of late thanks to his Vogue cover alongside his new bride, model Hailey Baldwin, as well as his upcoming religious wedding ceremony, is seeking professional help for his mental well-being. A rep has confirmed to the outlet that the singer is seeing a counselor, but didn't offer any additional information. This comes after Bieber canceled his Purpose World Tour in 2017 after rumors circulated regarding the state of his mental health.

According to the magazine, sources close to the singer say that while he is struggling, they're confident that he's doing the right thing by seeking help.

"Justin seems down and tired. He has been struggling a bit. It has nothing to do with Hailey — he is very happy being married to her. It’s just something else that he struggles with mentally," the source said. "He has good help around him and is receiving some treatment. He seems confident he will feel better soon."

Justin Bieber
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Another source noted that Justin isn't exactly feeling comfortable in the limelight at the moment, even though he's been performing since he was 13. At the moment, the combination of extensive media coverage surrounding his relationship, impending wedding, and his public persona are taking a toll on him. The source adds that he "struggles a lot with the idea of fame — being followed, having his every move stalked by fans, cameras in his face. It all sets him off and he often feels like everyone is out to get him."

In his recent interview with Vogue, Bieber opened up about his struggles with fame, depression, and drug abuse. He also confirmed speculation that he's taking time away from music so that he can evaluate himself, his relationships, and his future.

"I got really depressed on tour," he recalled. "I haven't talked about this, and I'm still processing so much stuff that I haven't talked about. I was lonely. I needed some time."

He added that part of the reason he felt uncomfortable was that for so long, he didn't know who to trust, noting that he worried people involved in his career may have had ulterior motives. Now that he's got a healthy relationship and is seeking help for himself, there's no telling what's in store when he's ready to reclaim the spotlight.

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