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Only one day after Bella Hadid donned Clueless-esque plaid shorts, the statement piece has popped up again ... on Justin Bieber.

Bieber was spotted today in a pair of the exact same Off-White red and green shorts that Hadid wore on Tuesday, causing us to do a fashion double take.

It isn't often that celebrities twin in the same articles of clothing, especially only a day apart, but before fans get ahead of themselves by speculating what the eerily similar style synchronicity might mean, it's important to note that this could just be a case of two celebs loving the same unisex brand (and who can blame them?)

June 6, 2017

Rachel Green, is that you? Bella's cropped, Off-White turtleneck sweater and plaid shorts combo looked like something we'd see on the '90s sitcom.

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Hadid paired her Off-White shorts with a hat for a late '70s-meets-Cher Horowitz vibe, while Bieber was more toned down and casual in a white tee, backpack, and white sneakers. We can't help but wonder if this matching moment means we'll see more closet swapping from the two in the future. Only time will tell.