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In our June issue, we tested five beauty products with long-lasting claims, from a supercharged root booster that volumizes for three days (yes, really!) to a lipstick that stays put from your a.m. latte straight through dinner. We couldn't resist putting a few more goodies to the test, so read on for five more contenders for your summer arsenal.

The Contender: Bold Brow Booster

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Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil, $42;

Time Claim: 16 Hours

How It Works: A wax base adheres pigments to skin and hairs to provide a sweat-and-water-proof wear. A blend of emollients give the pencil a creamy texture that’s easy to use.

Our Tests Revealed: Our tester beefed up her thin arches by sketching out a fuller shape and then filling them in with feathery strokes. “The color lasted from early morning till midnight without any fading or streaking,” said our tester. An angled tip allows for precise application while the brush end blends color for a natural look.

The Contender: Fragranced Body Wash

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Caress Adore Forever Body Wash, $4;

Time Claim: 12 Hours

How It Works: Upon application, this heady cleanser leaves droplets of fine fragrance oil (containing notes of rose, musk and vanilla) on the skin. A protective outer layer encases the oil; the lightest friction bursts the casing and releases the floral scent throughout the day.

Our Tests Revealed: Upon stepping out of the shower, our tester smelled a soft rosy scent, which lingered for hours. “It really did become activated again upon touch,” she says. By hour 11, “the scent had mostly dissipated. once I rubbed my arms, I could smell it again, but it was faint,” she says. another tester enjoyed the subtle scent as the day wore on, as initially she found the rose fragrance "a little saccharine," she says.

The Contender: Fade Resistant Flush

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Urban Decay Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Blush,$26;

Time Claim: 8 hours

How It Works: Because these powders are super-finely milled, they adhere to cheeks and ensure your shade stays put for longer than your typical blushes. the addition of light-diffusing pigments helps create a soft glow effect.

Our Watch Says: “My face just eats up blush, it never lasts,” said a staffer. She dusted on the powder at the start of her morning and was surprised that it lasted till her late afternoon meeting. “I would typically apply another coat if I was going out after work, but this powder held up for the 9-5 and beyond,” she says.

The Contender: Long Wear Eyeshadow

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NYC Waterproof Eye Shadow, $3;

The Time Claim: 24 Hours

How it works: A wax and silicone base keeps the color from budging, while oil-absorbing powder prevents grease from forming on lids (which can cause eye shadow to slip and fade).

Our Tests Reveal: Our three testers applied their shades in the early morning; each reported eight hours of perfect wear, but by the end of the day (around the eighth and 10th hour), they each noticed a bit of creasing on lids. The pigments stayed put, but faded for some by bedtime. Another plus: we love how this creamy pencil can be blended directly onto lids for a super easy application.

The Contender: Smudge Proof Eyeliner

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Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner, $7;

Time Claim: 16 hours

How it works: A quick drying silicone base allows this eyeliner to set quickly and stay locked in place for long lasting durability.

Our Tests Revealed: After applying the inky black pencil to upper lashlines and lower waterlines in the morning, our tester found that her upper lids remained defined and smudge-less for the full 16 hours. The lower lids suffered a bit of fading by around hour 14, "but I expected some smudging in that area because I know how my inner-eye rims can get watery throughout the day."