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With so many juice bars in New York City, it's rare to come across healthy drink that seems different from the rest. Or so we thought, until getting a taste of JUS by Julie. The Brooklyn-based, family-owned and operated brand is already a favorite among stars like Demi Lovato, Emmy Rossum, and Willow Shields—and for good reason.

While other popular juicing spots offer pressed juices, Jus by Julie products are actually blended instead. That means they taste less like you're downing a juice and more like you're indulging in a delicious smoothie that will satisfy your appetite for a longer period of time. "The primary reason we blend our juices instead of pressing them is to maintain the fiber of all ingredients in each juice," the brand's founder, Julie Maleh, tells InStyle. "That helps your body stay nourished longer, and it also really helps to detoxify."

Here are 5 things to know about the brand that's changing the juicing game, one bottle at a time.

1. It's the ultimate quick meal.
"Our juices keep you feeling full and satisfied, which makes them the perfect snack for someone on-the-go, like when you're between shows during fashion week," says Maleh, adding that the kosher juices "help to stabilize blood sugar levels and have protein in them that keeps you feeling great." Plus, your body will be getting more nutrients. "Pressed juices get rid of all the natural fiber, but blended juices don't," Maleh says.

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2. There's a juice for every time of day.
Maleh suggests trying a Morning Glory juice first thing in the A.M. "It helps you feel energized," she says. "It's the first juice that I ever made, and Emmy Rossum is a huge fan of it." Midday, she suggests reaching for the Java flavor. "It has coconut milk in it that helps to rid your body of any bacteria, while the coffee beans give you natural energy and actually burn fat. If you don't drink caffeine, our Matcha Chia flavor serves a coffee alternative." To keep going full-speed ahead later in the afternoon or evening, Maleh suggests trying one of two juices: the Spicy Lemonade or Spicy Pomegranate.

3. You can add in the booster of your choice.
"We offer a line of booster shots that you can use on your own or add into the juices," says Maleh. "Demi Lovato loves them." Some of the offered boosters include aloe, which hydrates the body and helps resist illness; ginger, which "awakens your senses;" and kava, a calming herb.

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4. If you choose to cleanse, you'll get results.
"After drinking our juices, the effects are immediate—and even more so after trying a cleanse," says Maleh. "I can tell people are cleansing with my JUS just by looking at their skin. Willow Shields recently tried our 3-day cleanse, and she told us that she felt great afterwards."

5. No matter where you live, you can get your fix.
"Our juices are blended fresh using industrial-sized blenders each morning at our factory in Brooklyn, where we combine the raw ingredients for each juice and bottle them up for our customers to enjoy," says Maleh, who started the business in her own kitchen back in 2012 before opening two stores in Brooklyn, one in Cedarhurst, NY, and another in Allenhurst, NJ. But if you don't live near any of the locations, you're still in luck. JUS by Julie delivers nationwide and to Canada. To order, go to

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